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Adventure Gear Site Reviews Randolph’s Aviator Ahead of – Randolph USA

Randolphs are for those with a spirit that’s hard to define and a story worth telling.

Trail & Kale, a travel and adventure site with tips and reviews to help you while hiking, camping, trail running and living a plant-based lifestyle, recently reviewed Randolph’s Aviator.

Before planning your next big trip in 2020, take a look at Trail & Kale’s overview on the quality, design, function and more of Randolph’s flagship sunglasses, the Aviator, for your outdoor adventures.

Trail & Kale: Aviators Receive 9.3/10 Rating

Outdoor adventures call for a durable and effective set of sunglasses to comfortably protect your eyes while viewing nature under the sun.

Tail & Kale has reviewed the Aviator based on outdoor lifestyles, focusing on how Randolph’s support the enjoyment of wilderness adventures while providing a great fit for those who love nature hikes.

Quality – 10/10

As the lens optics are such high quality, they are also an excellent choice for hikers, who need the best all-day eye protection while exploring the mountains. – Trail & Kale

Randolph Engineering uses proprietary SkyTec™ Lens Technology in each and every pair of sunglasses. The quality behind our lenses is the pinnacle of our background in military aviation, engineered to enhance the precision and stamina of your sight.

Design & Function – 9.5/10

Aviators, by design, are quite delicate looking, with their slim and intricate frames but these are far from fragile due to their hand construction. Randolph is so confident in their build quality that they include a lifetime warranty on them. – Trail & Kale

Randolphs are manufactured by hand in over 200 steps, by over 50 experts over the course of 6 weeks. We offer a lifetime warranty on the solder joints of every frame as the joints are designed to withstand extreme use. Your Randolph’s may bend, but will not break! Our Repair Program is available if you experience lens damage.

Durability – 9.5/10

Frame strength and integrity is important, especially if you plan to be hiking in the great outdoors, all day long. Imagine being stuck out in the wilderness with a broken pair of shades, your eyes will be so annoyed at you! – Trail & Kale

Built into our design and function is the pursuit of ultimate durability, without sacrificing style. Every frame is resistant to corrosion, plated with jewelry-quality metals, and accented with comfortable, premium acetate. All lenses contain hydrophobic resistance, scratch resistance, and our mineral glass lenses are drop tested in batches with a 5/8 inch steel ball from 50 inches. As a military contractor, each pair of Randolph sunglasses goes through meticulous quality testing.

Comfort – 9/10

The bayonet fit stays where you put them too, I wasn’t sure they would be as snug a fit as the more traditional curved ‘skull fitting’ arms, but they are due in part to Randolph calculating the exact angle of the bend on the skull temple. This means that you shouldn’t get headaches that can sometimes occur from incorrectly fitting sunglasses arms. – Trail & Kale

Randolph’s bayonet temples reflect our aviation history. Whether wearing a pilot helmet, baseball cap, athletic sweatband, earmuffs, or other head accessories, the slim fit enhances comfort for easy on and off without placing pressure on your temples. Temple tips are coated with Mazzuchelli acetate, further enhancing the comfort of your wear.

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