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Color by Design: 4 Bright and Beautiful Bespoke Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Some might call it the engine room, a laboratory even—but that doesn’t mean it has to look like one.  

Yes, the kitchen must be functional, but the dream kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, too—after all, it’s the place where we brew that sacred pot of morning coffee, break (and make) our daily bread. Of course, the kitchen is where the heartiest party is prepped, and where eventually it winds down.  

In the luxury home, the kitchen is rigorously and elegantly designed to create a sensory experience, in a fusion of form, function, and food.  

Whether grandly scaled or cozy galley-sized, the heart of the kitchen is that miraculous machine that transforms the raw into the cooked: the stove. There is none better than La Cornue (purveyors of handcrafted French ranges since 1908), available in any color that “exists in the world.” The bold may opt for “Veuve Clicquot” yellow or Barbie pink—among the colors of Smeg’s FAB line of 1950s retro-style refrigerators.  

Whatever the architectural style, be it traditional (Tuscan farmhouse or Edwardian country manor), or ultra-contemporary urban minimalist, kitchen color can take many forms: painted cabinets, marble islands, patterned tile floors, even frescoed ceilings. Perhaps then, the kitchen is more akin to an artist’s studio for culinary craftwork, a showcase for a great chef or consummate hospitality. 

Read on to discover four homes with color-enhanced kitchens—some soft and light, some bold and bright, but all beautiful. 

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