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Figuring out which of your eyes is dominant is straightforward to do at dwelling. However if you happen to want help, you may at all times ask your eye physician. Right here’s some extra data on what eye dominance (or ocular dominance) is, the best way to check for it, and why it might be necessary so that you can know.


What Is a Dominant Eye?

Your dominant eye refers to your “main eye” or the attention that your mind naturally prefers to make use of. In additional scientific phrases, it’s the attention that sends a stronger message to the visible element of your mind.

For instance, if you’re right-eye dominant and also you’re going to make use of a telescope or microscope, you’ll mechanically look by the eyepiece together with your proper eye with out even occupied with it. With right-eye dominance, your imaginative and prescient is “led” by your proper eye (or vice versa in case your left eye is dominant). 

With some eye situations — resembling amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes) — the “dominant eye” refers back to the eye that capabilities extra usually or is much less impacted by a visible downside.A woman with blonde hair looking up and wearing browline style eyeglasses

Tips on how to Decide Your Dominant Eye

Unsure which of your eyes is dominant? You possibly can carry out a fundamental evaluation at dwelling by following a couple of easy steps:

  1. Maintain your arms out in entrance of you and create a triangular form between your two thumbs and two pointer fingers.
  2. Whereas holding each eyes open, heart or body the triangle form you’ve created round a distant object, resembling a doorknob or mild swap. 
  3. Carry the “triangle” of your fingers nearer to your face.
  4. Now, shut your left eye and maintain your proper eye open.
  5. If the item you selected was centered within the triangle whereas solely your proper eye was open, you’re right-eye dominant. 
  6. If the item appeared exterior the triangle whereas solely your proper eye was open, it’s possible you’ll be left-eye dominant. 
  7. Now strive once more. This time, shut your proper eye and depart your left eye open.
  8. If the item you selected remained centered within the triangle whereas solely your left eye was open, you’re left-eye dominant.

Mainly, your dominant eye is the one which makes the item seem centered between your thumbs and pointer fingers when solely that eye is open.

Whereas this experiment is mostly thought of correct, your dominant eye can generally be affected by which of your fingers is dominant. You possibly can strive a few of the different eye dominance checks obtainable on-line, however your eye care skilled will be capable to provide the most exact outcomes.


Do You Want a Dominant Eye Check?

It’s possible you’ll not want a dominant eye check except there’s a particular downside in one among your eyes or in case your physician is contemplating monovision for you with a process or contact lenses (extra on that later). It may be helpful data for them to have if you happen to want particular therapy for a particular situation.

Your eye physician might carry out a dominant eye check to assist diagnose and deal with sure eye issues, together with:


This situation causes decreased imaginative and prescient in a single eye as a result of method imaginative and prescient develops in early childhood. Amblyopia can generally happen in each eyes, however there may be often a stronger or dominant eye that works higher.


On this situation, the eyes are misaligned. One eye might seem “regular” whereas the opposite turns inward, outward, upward, or downward. Strabismus might happen in a single eye or alternate between the 2.


Monovision or “blended imaginative and prescient” is a technique of correcting presbyopia, the pure lack of close to focusing capacity that happens with age. If an individual with presbyopia solely wants close to imaginative and prescient correction, studying glasses will most likely be all the assistance they want.

But when they’ve hassle seeing up shut and distant, monovision could also be a greater possibility. It really works by correcting an individual’s distant imaginative and prescient of their dominant eye and correcting their close to imaginative and prescient of their different eye.

The totally different ranges of visible acuity work collectively to permit them to see clearly at every distance concurrently. Monovision is achieved with contact lenses or surgical procedure particularly for presbyopia.

A closeup of a woman's face looking to the left and wearing eyeglasses with gold colored frames

Actions for a Dominant Eye

Dominant eye checks are additionally a fantastic device if you happen to participate in sure actions, together with work and leisure. Listed below are some examples of careers and hobbies that profit from realizing your dominant eye:

  • Science and drugs – Working in a lab, a scientist may have to make use of their dominant eye to look by microscopes at varied specimens and cultures. A physician will use their dominant eye to look at a affected person’s ears with an otoscope and their eyes with an ophthalmoscope.
  • Pictures When you’ve got a digicam with a viewfinder, utilizing your dominant eye will assist with picture composition and body placement. Utilizing your non-dominant eye can threat topics being out of focus and even out of the body.
  • Astronomy – Should you love to have a look at the celebrities at night time, among the finest methods to see them is with a telescope. Use your dominant eye to look by the eyepiece for a clearer view of the sky.
  • Sports activities – Should you play any sport with a bodily objective or basket, it’s possible you’ll rely extra in your dominant eye to realize accuracy — and factors! Suppose alongside the strains of basketball, soccer, golf, and hockey.  
  • Taking pictures and archery – Pointing and aiming for a goal — whether or not it’s transferring or not — requires a substantial amount of focus. Your dominant eye is vital in attaining your objective.

Whereas dominant eye checks aren’t obligatory for everybody, it’s a good suggestion to get your total imaginative and prescient well being checked routinely. Contact your eye physician for a complete eye examination if it’s been some time — and if you happen to’re curious, ask about your dominant eye!



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