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How Novastone’s ETA Program Is Making New Business Leaders

Buying a business is no longer a privilege reserved for a select few people.

Novastone Capital Advisors (NCA), a Swiss firm launched in 2019, empowers aspiring CEOs through its Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) program. This initiative connects businesses with promising executives eager to buy, manage, and grow a privately owned company.

The effectiveness of the ETA program is evident from its growing number of acquisitions in recent years.  Discover the complete process of the program, how they choose upcoming CEOs, and some testimonials of their product CEOs.

The ETA Process

The ETA program is designed to guide and support aspiring CEOs in acquiring and managing established companies. First, NCA selects them through a process of direct applications and partnerships with top business schools. The chosen candidates then raise capital to fund a 24-month research project to identify profitable companies. Once a company is selected, NCA oversees the acquisition, co-invests in the deal, and supports the new CEO as the manager of the company, handling due diligence, negotiation, and establishing a supportive board of directors.

After the acquisition, the executive will manage the company to improve its operations, digitalization, and finances while NCA continues to provide management support and financial advice. The program is designed to provide significant financial rewards for the new executive, the co-investors, and the businesses involved.

Success Stories

Nick Akers

Photo Credit: Novastone Capital Advisors

Nick Akers, from the Midwest, is one of the successful CEOs of NCA. After achieving years of tenure in executive roles, Nick yearned for new challenges and began a solo venture to acquire a company, during which he discovered and joined the ETA program in late 2021. His training with NCA bore fruit when he acquired Missouri’s STL Communications in May 2023, a company focusing on Business Services and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Nathan Taylor

Photo Credit: Novastone Capital Advisors

Nathan Taylor, an ex-commander of the US Army, is another CEO who credits the program for his success. He joined the ETA program in 2022 and concentrated on infrastructure and utilities companies in the US. By 2023, he had acquired Water Runner Inc., a Texas-based business that purifies and distributes water to residential and commercial customers in the Southwest US.

Beyond Business: Nurturing Communities and Economies

The ETA program was not designed solely for the benefit of investors and executives. Its main goal is to help SMEs thrive, assure their survival and expansion, and keep communities strong and economically healthy. NCA believes that these businesses are essential to boosting local economies, carrying on legacies, and supporting community values.

Looking forward, Novastone Capital Advisors is prepared to challenge the market and create more opportunities for different industries. It will continue to improve its strategies and initiatives for business acquisition and guide more businesses toward greater stability and growth.

Written in partnership with Joanne Mari Madrid

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