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Nara Smith and Lucky Blue Smith Welcome a Baby Girl

The Internet’s favorite It couple has announced the birth of their third child. Following a whirlwind romance, Lucky Blue Smith and Nara Smith got married in 2020, after just four months of dating. On April 11, Smith and Lucky Blue announced the birth of the newest addition to the family via an Instagram post, which was captioned “Our little angel has arrived!” The video posted included short snippets of the couple’s adorable new baby reaching for her mother’s hand and receiving plenty of affection from her two older siblings, who are two and three years old. In a subsequent TikTok video, Smith revealed that she gave birth just a few days prior, on April 8, during the historic solar eclipse

In keeping with the unique names of their other children, Rumble Honey and Slim Easy, the couple has named their newborn daughter Whimsy Lou.

Nara Smith went viral earlier this year after revealing other names she had considered for the couple’s third child—a list that included eccentric names like Bubble, Cherry, Pepper, Pear, Frosty, and Silver. Fans and casual TikTok scrollers alike went wild over the model’s shortlist of names, shocked at both her creativity and her boldness. 

Smith has also been the subject of massive internet fascination and scrutiny, as she has also gone viral for her homemade meals—with family favorites ranging from homemade Oreo cookies to fresh pasta and mozzarella cheese whipped up on the spot. Her skills in the kitchen have led to her growing reputation as part of a new wave of “tradwives,” or women who front themselves as the ideal traditional image of a domestic housewife, in part due to her young age and focus on being the perfect mother, although Smith does not label herself as such. 

In the past, Smith has remarked that she knows she is a young mother, and has acknowledged that that choice certainly is not for everyone. “I know that 22 is considered young nowadays, to be having kids but I love being a young mom and growing with my kids. I was always very mature and independent and did a lot of things at a very young age,” she explained in an Instagram story. “So I never feel like I’m missing out on any of the partying, any of that, because I’ve done all of that.” 

While pregnant with Whimsy Lou, Smith stated that she is content with the size of her family, and remarked she is unlikely to continue having children after the birth of her third. 

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