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Protect Your Hair With These 7 Heat Protectant Sprays

While heatless hairstyles have gone viral on social media in recent months, there’s no denying that heat styling tools reign supreme in terms of easy, convenient use and end result, meaning that a little bit of heat is typically essential for styling your hair. Whether you have an intricate routine for straightening your hair or you just don’t want your curls to air dry, chances are, you use hot tools in your hair styling routine.  But heat can hurt your hair just as muchor even morethan it helps it. If you don’t protect your hair from the high temperatures of your flat iron or diffuser, your hair can burn, break, frizz, and become extremely distressed over time.

At L’OFFICIEL, we know the right heat protectant spray, just like the right heating tool, is non-negotiable. Discover these seven heat protectant sprays to find the best fit for you and your haircare routine.

Living Proof has a full line of super popular protective hair care products, and their Restore Perfecting Heat Protectant Spray is a perfect fit for any hair routine. This dual conditioner and heat protective spray handles temperatures up to 450° F, making it a great choice for those looking to maximize the effectiveness of their hair care products. 

Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray, $33, Living Proof

Mizani Heat Screen Hair Protectant Spray is a glossy spray that shields your hair from temperatures as high as 450° F and conditions it at the same time. It can tame frizz and enhance your curls, coils, and waves, which means if you have curly hair, this is the ultimate deep conditioner and heat-protectant spray hybrid for you. 

Mizani Heat Screen Hair Protectant Spray, $26, Sephora

This unique heat protectant formula promises no-hold results, so your hair will never feel sticky, stiff, or weighed down. It’s great for any hairstyle, but Moroccanoil has also earned a reputation for great products that work even on seemingly unmanageable hair. Formulated with argan oil and Vitamin B5, this heat protectant spray is excellent for heat defense and nourishing your hair with hydrating natural oils.

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant, $30, Moroccanoil

CHI’s 44 Iron Guard formula is weightless, paraben-free, and full of healthy vitamins and proteins. It’s ideal for dry hair and leaves your hair feeling soft. Users love it for the scent just as much for the protective effects and it has the added benefit of preventing build-up in your hair—one of the most common concerns for frequent hair product users. 

CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat Protectant Spray, $19, CHI 44

Gisou Heat Protecting Spray is well worth the price for high-heat hairdos. It keeps your hair safe from sun damage, split ends, breakage, and frying and frizzing at temperatures up to 446°F, and it works on both dry and damp hair. You can also combine it with their polishing primers and hair oils for an ultra-glossy post-heat sheen

Gisou Heat Protecting Spray, $44, Sephora

For a premium heat protectant spray, opt for IGK Good Behavior. This award-winning product is designed for chemically treated and frizz-prone hair that simply doesn’t behave with other sprays, and its infusion of spirulina protein makes it even more nourishing, mimicking the effects of a keratin treatment—without all the fuss. 

IGK Good Behavior, $25, IGK

Dry Bar’s Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Mist is a clean, vegan heat protectant spray that users love for its lightweight feel. Along with marula oil and protective proteins, the formula also shields hair from UV rays. 

Dry Bar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Spray, $29, Ulta

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