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Randolph Factory Sales – Learn When & Where to Buy Discount Aviators – Randolph USA

Premium Metal Gifts for Men & Women

Randolph sunglasses are engineered for both men and women. Take a look at our face shape guide to find the perfect frame to fit your unique style.

All of our frames are unisex, from the flagship Aviator to the teardrop Concorde, but we also offer select styles for women with an elegant perspective. The Amelia is named after Amelia Earhart, paying respect to the rich history of American aviation.

Quality eyewear is a beautiful, durable gift that will last a lifetime. Not only are Randolph sunglasses fashionable, they also benefit your eye health. Our lenses are made with proprietary SkyTec™ Lens Technology, designed with mineral glass and premium nylon for pilots to rely on around the world.

Have your pair engraved to include names, initials, dates or brief messages to make your gift even more memorable.

The sample sale will contain past-season styles, our extra inventory, samples created during the product development process, and samples from our trade shows. If you’re unable to stop by for our sale, shop around online with our extensive collection of sunglasses. You’re sure to find the perfect fit to take with you as a new travel companion.

Shop now for a beautiful holiday gift your loved one will cherish for a lifetime!

A Holiday Gift with Heritage

Randolph Engineering has long-standing roots in our community.

Our sunglasses were originally designed for the military and continue to be built according to strict standards. They are drop ball tested and wear tested to endure all of your most challenging adventures.

The White Gold Collection is our latest release, combining premium 23K Gold metal with rhodium plating — among the world’s most precious metals saved for the highest quality jewelry.

We respect where we come from, and we’re reinventing where we’re going.

The White Gold Collection, plated with rhodium in Hydro Blue Lens & AGX Polarized Glass

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to shop for great gifts for everyone on your list!

Once you have your frames, share your holiday pictures with us. Tag us on social media and use #MyRandolphs for a chance to be featured on our channels. Follow us today on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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