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The best way to Put Eye Drops in Correctly | Weblog

Eye drops may help soothe eye allergy symptoms, relieve blurry imaginative and prescient from dry eyes, and deal with some eye infections and illnesses. Nevertheless, they will’t do any of that if you happen to don’t put them in your eyes the correct means. 

To get the total desired impact of your prescription or over-the-counter eye drops, comply with these steps:

  1. Learn the instructions – When you’ve got prescription eye drops, comply with your eye physician’s directions about what number of drops to place in and the way typically to make use of them, together with some other necessary info. 
  2. Wash your arms – It’s a good suggestion to scrub your arms and dry them with a clear towel earlier than touching your face, eyes, or any eye treatment. 
  3. Take off your glasses or take away your contacts – In case you put on contact lenses, you’ll in all probability have to take away them earlier than you administer any eye drops. Solely depart your contacts in in case your eye physician has instructed you to take action, or in case your drops are labeled as protected to be used with contacts.
  4. Open the treatment – Shake the bottle first, then take off the cap. Watch out to not contact the tip as a result of your fingers might contaminate it with micro organism. 
  5. Get in place – Tilt your head again and look towards the ceiling or lie down. Deal with a spot away from the bottle and hold your eye large open. 
  6. Make an eye fixed drop pocket – Earlier than you employ the drops, create a pocket between your decrease eyelid and eyeball. Maintain two fingers about an inch underneath your eye and pull down gently. 
  7. Apply the drops – Maintain the dropper about one inch above the pocket you created and gently squeeze the bottle so the prescribed variety of drops lands within the pocket. Don’t contact your eye, eyelid, or eyelashes with the bottle. as a result of this might switch micro organism onto the dropper and into the drugs.
  8. Hold your eye closed – After you place the prescribed drop(s) in your eye, hold that eye closed. Gently press your finger on the tear duct on the interior nook of your eye subsequent to your nostril. Maintain your finger there for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This helps hold the drugs in your eye and offers it time to soak up.
  9. Don’t blink – Attempt to withstand the urge to blink after making use of your eye treatment. In case you do, a number of the drugs could leak or drain out.
  10. Wait earlier than making use of extra drops – If it’s good to use a couple of kind of eye drop on your eye situation, wait three to 5 minutes after making use of the primary drops earlier than utilizing the following form.    
  11. Wash your arms – It’s a good suggestion to scrub your arms once more to take away any treatment which will have dripped onto your pores and skin.

Repeat these steps if it’s good to put drops in your different eye too.

A man in a colourful shirt wearing eyeglasses with green, square-shaped frames

What to Do If You Can’t Get Drops into Your Eye 

It’s regular to be troubled about placing something in your eyes. If the steps above don’t give you the results you want, listed here are a couple of different issues which will assist:


Attempt the Closed-Eyes Technique

In case you blink excessively or it’s good to administer eye drops to a baby, you may profit from the closed-eyes methodology:

  1. Lie down and shut your eyes.
  2. Hold your eyes closed and squeeze the bottle so the attention drop lands within the interior nook of every eye subsequent to your nostril. 
  3. To keep away from contamination, don’t let the bottle contact your eye.
  4. Open your eyes to permit the drop to enter your eye. If any extra leaks onto your face, wipe it off with a clear tissue.
  5. Shut your eyes once more and gently press on the interior nook of every eye for about two minutes.


Use an Eye Drop Dispenser

A watch drop dispenser (additionally referred to as an eye fixed drop help) is a tool that helps you administer eye drops correctly. Normally, you connect the system to the attention drop bottle. You’ll be able to then use the system to place the bottle tip over your eye so the drop goes the place it’s speculated to. 

Some units are designed to make administering eye drops simpler for sufferers who’ve shaky arms or a weak grip.

Research have discovered that individuals who use an eye fixed drop help are extra profitable when placing in eye drops than when utilizing the bottle alone. Eye drop units additionally assist forestall contamination of the bottle tip.

There may be all kinds of eye drop units that you could purchase over-the-counter. Speak to your eye physician if you happen to’re undecided what’s going to work finest for you.

A woman with her hand on her shoulder wearing large eyeglasses with translucent red frames

Eye Drops Do’s and Don’ts

To assist be sure you use your eye treatment safely and successfully, take into account the next do’s and don’ts:


  • Wash your arms earlier than and after utilizing eye treatment.
  • Take away your contact lenses.
  • Hold your eye closed after administering your eye drops for as much as two minutes. Gently press in your eyelid to make sure the drop stays in your eye.


  • Don’t contact the dropper along with your arms or let it contact your eye or eyelid. This may get micro organism on the bottle and into the drops.
  • Don’t blink after making use of your eye treatment. Blinking could cause your eye to empty the drops away.
  • Don’t apply a couple of kind of eye drop at a time. In case you use a number of drops, wait no less than three to 5 minutes between every kind to keep away from mixing the drops collectively. 
  • Don’t add additional drops. In case you’re certain the prescribed variety of drops made it into your eye, that needs to be sufficient.

Utilizing eye drops may be laborious, however you’ll get higher with follow. Speak to your eye physician if in case you have any issues, questions, or considerations about eye well being, imaginative and prescient, or eye drops.



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