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The Most Comfortable Styles for Men & Women – Randolph USA

Randolph Engineering fans expect the best. Each season, we’re here to improve on perfection.

Sometimes this means all new frame shapes, while other times this means updates and new additions to the styles you already love.That’s why we’re proud to release two new acetate sunglasses styles this winter season: The Archer & Elinor.

Both styles reflect unique shapes for men and women combined with premium luxury acetate to complement your style!

About the Fusion Collection

All sunglasses in Randolph’s Fusion Collection are hand-inlaid with Mazzucchelli acetate.

This premium, organic material is world-renowned for its luxurious texture and, even better, it’s responsibly sourced. Randolph partners with Italian acetate manufacturer, Mazzucchelli, a family-owned business since 1849.

Why Wear Acetate Sunglasses this Winter? 4 Reasons

1. Soft and comfortable frame material against the wind and cold.

Stepping outside into the cold is an uncomfortable start to your day. When you wear acetate sunglasses, you’re given extra protection from cold metal and wind that would otherwise touch your face. Archer and Elinor are designed to be durable but lightweight for a more comfortable wearing experience. The hand-inlaid acetate can help you feel warmer from cold wind and will let you stay outside for longer periods of time.

2. Bold style for winter fashion.

Randolph was born from military aviation. While we still supply the US military with durable sunglasses, we are always re-inventing for adventurers, tastemakers and the fashionable who take advantage of today’s trends with a modern but traditional style. The bold look behind aviator fashion is accentuate in the Archer and Elinor with acetate around the lens and on the temple tips.

3. Protect your eye health year-round with superior lens technology.

Did you know Archer and Elinor sunglasses are designed to reduce eye fatigue with proprietary SkyForce Air™ Lens Technology? While pilots require eyewear their lives can depend on, daily wearers are also at risk from eye damage over time. The Archer and Elinor both offer super lightweight lenses with the highest optical clarity second only to glass. Perfect for the winter, they also have a gradient hue for a tinted viewing experienced against a less harsh sun during cold months. Randoph sunglass lenses block harmful UVA/UVB light, have anti-reflective backside coating to cut distracting glare, offer non-polarized lens options, are hydrophobic to repel water and oil, and come in a range of lens hues to heighten the contrast on your perspective. Randolphs offer fantastic protection while letting in the right amount of light on winter days.

4. Durable styles that will last through this winter and far longer.

Randoph’s lifetime guarantee extends to all of our fans. If you ever experience a problem with the frame’s solder joints, they should bend back good as new without breakage, or contact us for support. We offer a repair program to fix scratches and shatters on your lens as well.

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