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What Is A Russian Manicure?

Every manicure enthusiast knows the challenge of finding a solution that not only enhances your nails but doesn’t cause thinning or breakage. Russian manicures are the hottest new nail trend, a grooming technique that promises long-lasting results and a striking finish. The Russian manicure first became popular in Europe and has rapidly gained traction in the United States, earning visibility on TikTok and with influencers. As popular as the Russian manicure is, however, it might not be right for everyone.

What is a Russian Manicure?

A Russian manicure is a technique that involves complete cuticle removal, allowing the nail technician to go deep into the pocket and get polish underneath. The overall effect is smooth, flawless, and precise. A Russian manicure is long-lasting, often lasting three or four weeks compared to the standard two weeks of other manicures.

This type of manicure is also done “dry.” That is, it is done without soaking your hands in water. Nail technicians might use tools like drills, scissors, or brushes to fully remove the cuticle and provide intense exfoliation.

Benefits of a Russian Manicure

The biggest benefit of a Russian manicure is how long it lasts. Since the technique focuses on removing the cuticle completely, it takes much longer for the skin and nails to grow back than with traditional manicures. They often last three or four weeks, although the exact time frame depends on how long your nails grow. If you don’t love spending every other week in the manicurist’s chair, a Russian manicure might be an excellent option.

There could also be a benefit to your nail health. Since Russian manicures do not involve soaking nails in acetone, your nails have a better chance to grow and strengthen and are less likely to break or peel.

Are There Any Risks to a Russian Manicure?

As with any procedure that involves the complete removal of the cuticle, there is a slight risk of infection. Ensure you see an experienced nail technician who uses only properly sterilized tools. Russian manicures also tend to take slightly longer than other kinds of manicures, since the process of removing the cuticle is meticulous. If you opt for one of these specialty manicures, expect to spend a few hours in the chair. It can take four or five hours for a Russian manicure with extensions or nail art.

For those with the time to spare and who want a truly seamless look, a Russian manicure is an excellent option that offers an enchanting payoff and a professional appearance.

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