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6 Summer Fragrances For Men to Smell Great This Summer

It’s about to be summer, which means picnics and weddings and graduation parties. It also means heat, sweat, and smell. The best way to account fo the ladder in order to enjoy the former is by making sure that you smell great at all times. There are tons of great colognes out there that are perfect for any guy in the summer heat and help create an olfactory vibe as strong as one’s sartorial sensibility. 

Check out L’OFFICIEL USA’s recommendations for the best scents for the summer. 

Sandalwood and musk are easy wins in the men’s scent game. But cream, rose, peach and ambrette help make this cologne a lighter, fruit-forward scent for summer.

Radio Bombay Eau de Parfum, $210, D.S. & Durga

Fresh, crisp Bergamote has a lovely floral finish to it. The cologne will also last all day with just two spritzes to the wrists and applied to the neck in the morning. Le Labo’s craftsmanship in Grasse, France is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. Picking up a bottle of this is a great way to spruce up a wedding look this summer.

Bergamote 22, $322, SaksFifth Avenue

Polo Blue is a classic. It was the nice cologne someone gave you in high school and with good reason. The scent has been mass-produced for years, so it’s also widely available without breaking the bank. The one downside is that it doesn’t stand up to much sweat and wear throughout the day, so it might be time to reapply after work before going out for the night.

Polo Blue Eau de Parfum, $75, Sephora

Okay, here us out. Anyone over thirty can remember the downright pungent smells of an Abercrombie store in the local mall, but the brand has come such a long way since then. Abercrombie’s cologne is still in production today, with a few modifications that make it much smoother and easy to wear.

Fierce, $65.96, Walmart 

Sometimes another cologne isn’t what you need to smell great. C.O. Bigelow makes small vials of perfume oils that are fantastic. They last for hours, and instead of an aerosol, have an applicator in the cap that can be dipped into the oil and spread on the neck or wrist. They’re also small enough to bring on planes or stick in a work bag without worrying about some ornate bottle shattering. 

Musk Oil, $18, C.O. Bigelow

From the brand that’s advanced candles, soap, shampoo, and everything else we wash ourselves with to smell great — cologne. Tacit is the perfect balance of basil and citrus notes that make it a perfect fit for warm weather.

Tacit, $160, Aesop

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