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Christian Louboutin x Pierre Yovanovitch Chairs Unite Decor & Fashion

At Love Happens, we are enamored by the intersection of interior design and fashion in luxury. On May 3, 2024, Pierre Yovanovitch and Christian Louboutin debuted a collaboration of chairs that’s just this. Add in savoir-faire and feminine vibes, and this is a collaboration we love.

Inspired by historical muses, mythology, and film, Pierre Yovanovitch collaborated with longtime friend Christian Louboutin to create a series of limited-edition and open-edition chairs. 

Pierre Yovanovitch And Christian Louboutin interior design and fashion
Christian Louboutin and Pierre Yovanovitch | Photo by Eric Petschek

“This collection is as much of an homage to French savoir-faire as it is to feminine beauty,” said Pierre Yovanovitch.

“As a close friend and respected visionary, it was a dream to be able to collaborate with Christian on this project. Drawing from our shared affinity for haute-couture artisanry, we enlisted a roster of classically trained artists to meticulously bring these diverse female characters to life. The result is an imaginative ode to women as told through French craftsmanship.”

Fashion & Interior Design Unite in Feminine Haute Couture Artistry

The limited-edition collection features nine chairs inspired by specific characters from history. One of our favorites, the Dita (first in line below), draws influence from model and performer Dita von Teese. As a good friend of Christian Louboutin, her iconic burlesque look inspired the sequin embroidered and laser-engraved striped upholstery.

Pierre Yovanovitch And Christian Louboutin fashion and interior design collaboration high heel chairs
The Limited Edition collection chairs on display at Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier New York | Photo by Eric Petschek

We also love the Josefine chair which takes inspiration from the iconic cabaret figure and acclaimed 1920s actress Josephine Baker. With a dark mahogany-stained oak frame, the seat is a combination of laser engraving and embroidery, accented by leather fringe.

Recreating the image of a mermaid delicately tangled in nets is the Syrena chair with a seat embroidered in blue marine fabric and legs covered in fishnet. The rest of the collection includes the Nefertari, Zenobi, Radicalla, Morphea, Metropolissa, and the Pompadour.

euphoria floor screen by koket black lacquer with butterflies

The open-edition collection is titled “Simply Nude” as a homage to Christian Louboutin’s famed Nudes shoe. It features five female-inspired silhouettes with a range of wood colors, each symbolizing a different skin tone. All the works feature red-sole heels as the feet of the chair, a nod to Louboutin’s iconic signature.

interior design and fashion collaboration clam chair nude heels
The Open Edition collection chairs on display at Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier New York | Photo by Eric Petschek

A Collaboration of Savoir-Faire & Female Beauty

“It was Pierre who came up with the idea for this collaboration. We had already worked together on some of my interior design projects,” states Christian Louboutin. “To celebrate his iconic Clam chair, I summoned pharaonic goddesses, queens of the stage or queens of the night, chimeras, and heroines of cinema… All these feminine figures who have accompanied and inspired me throughout my career and who are found, thanks to exceptional embroiderers, weavers, and cabinetmakers, on the various ornaments of these nine chairs. Pierre also drew inspiration from my work around the Nudes, shoes that take on the different skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest.”

Christian Louboutin and Pierre Yovanovitch commissioned several exceptional French artisans to create these works of art, including Maisons Vermont, Lesage Interieurs, and Atelier Montex embroidery; Atelier Jouffre and Hugo Delavelle for their furniture artisanry; upholstery work by MM7; art foundry Solyfonte; goldsmith Alm Deco, leatherwork by Audrey Ludwig and fabric painter Christophe Martin.

Beautifully handcrafted details on Dita, Pompodour, and Josefine | Photos by Jean Pierre Vaillancourt

The collection will be available to the public at Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier New York from May 3rd until May 24th. It will also be for purchase globally via pierreyovanovitch.com.

Words by Liz Wynne
All Photos Courtesy of Pierre Yovanovitch | Feature Photo by Eric Petschek

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