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Could This Be the Must-Have Alternative to the Kelly Pochette?

Last week, I delved into the must-have handbags for blending in with the stylish London crowd, where subtlety currently reigns supreme. Among the curated selection was the Savette Symmetry Pochette, a rising star among luxury accessories. Now, let’s take a closer look at this contender and ponder – Could the Symmetry Pochette be the more affordable and attainable alternative to the ever-desired Hermès Kelly Pochette?

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Image courtesy: @lolitamas

A New Contender in the Luxury Handbag Scene

In the domain of quiet luxury, a newcomer whispers attention. Founded in 2020 by Amy Zurek, New York-based brand Savette represents a contemporary take on traditional leather accessories. Renowned for its meticulously handcrafted leather bags, each expertly made in Italy, Savette is swiftly carving its niche as a destination for those seeking timeless yet understated offerings. As handbag enthusiasts increasingly favor brands such as Loro Piana and The Row, Savette emerges as a fresh option and perhaps the next big thing.

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Savette presents a thoughtfully curated array of handbags, where each design combines style and functionality. From spacious oversized totes to elegant chain-strap clutches perfect for evening events, each is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. 

Yet, amidst this minimalist collection, one bag is becoming the star of the show –  the Symmetry Pochette.

Image courtesy: @savettenewyork

Image courtesy: @savettenewyork

Introducing Savette’s Symmetry Pochette

The Symmetry Pochette is causing a stir in the luxury bag scene, suggesting that Savette is rapidly becoming a brand to watch. Savette’s influence extends beyond London to cities across Europe, where the appeal of understated luxury holds particular appeal. 

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Image courtesy: @savettenewyork

After all, when the coveted Hermès Kelly Pochette remains out of reach, why not turn to Savette? No, really, this chic and quiet luxe bag might just become the next best thing. Described by Savette as “​​simultaneously our most elegant style, and our more pared back,” the Symmetry Pochette shines amidst Savette’s ever-evolving lineup. 

Image courtesy: @valerie.kei

The Symmetry Pochette presents the ultimate minimalist aesthetic, characterized by its clean lines and sleek silhouette. Free from loud branding and visible logos, the message is about the bag. Drawing inspiration from the crisp precision of geometric shapes, the Symmetry Pochette showcases a boxy yet elegant form, reminiscent of vintage briefcases. This distinctive shape adds a touch of timeless charm to its otherwise contemporary design. Enhanced by a flap and flat top handle, and adorned with Savette’s signature Symmetry turn lock, this pochette speaks volumes as it whispers elegance. 

Image courtesy: @theclassicist_

Sizing it Up

When sizing up the Symmetry Pochette against the ever-elusive Hermès Kelly offering, Savette’s option offers a slightly more generous size, measuring 22 x 12 x 7 cm (9 x 5 x 3 inches). In addition to its larger dimensions, its east-west silhouette adds a contemporary flair, perfectly aligned with modern tastes.

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Image courtesy: @carolinemcarraro

While it may appear small, it’s designed to accommodate essentials like an iPhone of any size, keys, small SLGs, and a few cosmetics with ease. Additionally, inside you’ll find one small slip pocket for cards or cash. 

Image courtesy: @margaux.official

But if you’re yearning for an even sleeker profile, you’re in luck. Savette slims down the Pochette with the Slim Symmetry Pochette, boasting dimensions of 27 x 11 x 7 cm (11 x 4.5 x 3 inches). This variant maintains the same design essence but in a more stylized and elongated format, offering a refined twist on the brand’s classic iteration. 

Image courtesy: @libbyjanepage

Colorful Choices & Luxe Leathers

True to its understated charm, the Pochette is offered in an array of neutral hues such as Saddle, Black, Ivory, Mink, and Bone calfskin, adorned with either gold or silver-tone hardware. Some variations feature a subtle contrast stitch detail, reminiscent of Hermès’ Étoupe and Gold leather bags. 

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Image courtesy: @savettenewyork


However, for those seeking a pop of color, Savette occasionally surprises with more vibrant options like red, pink, and blue shades. 

Image courtesy: @valerie.kei

If you’re aiming to inject a bit of texture into your handbag collection, suede is the go-to this season. Explore a palette of suede shades, including Natural, Clay, and the stylish sky-blue hue known as Denim. For those located outside of Europe, Savette also offers its Pochette in exotic Lizard Skin. 

Image courtesy: @lyanablog

Image courtesy: @kickpleat_official

Image courtesy: @savettenewyork

When it comes to the Slim Pochette, similar color palettes are available. Currently, you can find the Slim Pochette in Coffee, Black, and Mink calfskin. For those inclined towards a more relaxed aesthetic, Savette presents the Slim Symmetry Pochette, marrying canvas with calfskin. Reminiscent of Hermès’ classic Toile and Swift handbags, this style comes in two durable cotton canvas hues, complemented by Black or Clay calfskin leather trim. 

Image courtesy: @viktorija.tomasevic

Styling the Savette Pochette

Designed for chic handheld wear with its top handle, it can also be worn clutched or elegantly tucked under the arm. It’s important to note that this bag does not come with a detachable shoulder strap of any kind. However, for those in search of a versatile day-to-night clutch, this remains an excellent choice. Dress it up with a dress or skirt for an evening event, or pair it with casual denim for a more relaxed look. 

Image courtesy: @saika.la

Image courtesy: @valerie.kei

Image courtesy: @valerie.kei

If you’re seeking a similar aesthetic with a crossbody option, check out Savette’s Symmetry 26 bag that offers the best of both worlds.

Price Points That Appeal

Perhaps the best news and greatest appeal is the accessible price point of the Symmetry Pochette. In a world where iconic bags like the Hermès Kelly Pochette now command a price tag of €5,200 ($6,400) or more, Savette offers a refreshing alternative.

Image courtesy: @ahalcyongirl

With prices starting at €1,400 (£1,150/$1,190) for the leather and suede iterations, the Symmetry Pochette makes luxury more attainable without compromising on style. As a New York-based brand, it’s worth noting that prices might be even more favorable if purchased stateside. However, overall, Savette offers luxury without breaking the bank.

Symmetry Pochette Price (EUR) Price (GBP) Price (USD)
Calfskin €1,400 £1,150 $1,190
Grained Calfskin €1,400 £1,150 $1,190
Suede €1,400 £1,150 $1,190
Lizard N/A N/A $2,750
Slim Symmetry Pochette
Canvas & Calfskin €1,300 £1,100 $1,090
Calfskin €1,650 £1,350 $1,390
Grained Calfskin €1,650 £1,350 $1,390
Lizard N/A N/A TBC

But popularity has its downsides. Getting your hands on Savette’s Pochette is becoming increasingly difficult! In London, Harrods and Selfridges carry Savette – just keep an eye out for replenished stock. 

Are We Falling for Savette?

Savette – with its sophisticated designs, quality craftsmanship, and relatively accessible price point – has the potential to carve out its own niche in the market. Whether it will become the must-have alternative to the likes of Hermès remains to be seen. However, with its growing popularity and appeal, it’s clear that the likes of the Symmetry Pochette are establishing itself as a contender among fashion enthusiasts seeking pared-back luxury this season.

Image courtesy: @floattsrj

What are your thoughts on Savette’s Pochette? Will it be the must-have alternative to the Kelly Pochette?

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