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Principles Of Success With Ahmad Ashrafi And Infinity9 Investment Group

Photo Credit: Ahmad Ashrafi

How core principles deliver value to investors

Ahmad Ashrafi, the visionary founder of Miami-based Infinity9 Investment Group, believes that a company’s success hinges on its principles. Infinity9, a forward-thinking investment firm specializing in curated alternative investment opportunities, attributes its rapid growth and client satisfaction to the establishment of robust core values from its inception. In a candid conversation, Ahmad delves into the significance of Infinity9‘s core values and their transformative impact on the firm and its clients.

“At Infinity9, our core values serve as our guiding beacon, shaping our actions and decisions,” Ahmad asserts. “Even before our inception in 2019, we laid the groundwork for our firm on the pillars of value creation, unwavering commitment to results, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. These values are not mere words; they are the driving force behind every aspect of our operations.”

Central to Infinity9‘s ethos is its first principle: “We earn only after you earn. Alignment over agreement.”

Ahmad explains how this value underscores the firm’s client-centric approach. “Our clients are the heartbeat of our organization,” he emphasizes. “Our commitment to alignment over agreement means that our success is intrinsically tied to theirs. Unlike conventional firms that prioritize their own interests, we prioritize delivering tangible results to our clients”.

He continues, “We don’t draw salaries. We operate on the ‘eat what you kill’ philosophy, personally investing in every deal to ensure our incentives are aligned with those of our clients. This symbiotic relationship fosters a win-win scenario where collective success is paramount.”

Agility is another cornerstone of Infinity9‘s core values. Ahmad explains how the firm embodies agility in navigating today’s dynamic market landscape.

Photo Credit: Ahmad Ashrafi

“In an era marked by rapid change, agility is paramount,” he asserts. “Unlike specialized firms limited by rigid strategies, Infinity9 boasts versatility, enabling investments across the capital stack in diverse product types and U.S. geographies. Our agility allows us to seize exclusive off-market opportunities swiftly and adapt our strategies to evolving market dynamics. This flexibility empowers us to capitalize on emerging opportunities and deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.”

The third principle is the emphasis on performance, not assets under management (AUM).

“While AUM may be the traditional metric for investment firms, we prioritize a performance-centric model that prioritizes our clients’ interests. By focusing on generating tangible returns for our clients, we foster sustainable growth and value over the long term.”

Consistency, touted as a superpower of Infinity9, underscores the firm’s steadfast commitment to its principles.

“Consistency forms the bedrock of our success,” he emphasizes. “We prioritize compounding returns over sporadic windfalls, adhering to disciplined investment strategies and rigorous due diligence processes irrespective of market conditions. This steadfastness not only instills trust and credibility with our clients but also ensures the delivery of enduring results that withstand the test of time.”

Ahmad’s core principles transcend rhetoric, serving as the guiding force driving Infinity9 forward. With a steadfast commitment to client-centricity and excellence, Infinity9 is poised to redefine the standards of investment management in real estate, setting a new paradigm for success in the industry.

For more information, visit infinity9.com or contact Infinity9‘s Investor Relations team at ir@infinity9.com or +1 786 836 8164.

Written in partnership with Tom White

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